Appaloosa Horse Club Reiners Approved to Qualify through NRHA Shows

ApRHA Announces New World Show Qualifying Program 

The Appaloosa Reining Horse Association (ApRHA) received approval from their governing association, Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC), to implement a new qualifying program for the ApHC World Show, which will kick-off on September 1, 2016. The ApHC BODs vote on April 19 was overwhelmingly in favor to have this new program take effect for the 2017 ApHC World Show held in Fort Worth, Texas.

ApHC Reiners will now have the option of showing at NRHA shows in order to collect the necessary criteria to qualify for their respective divisions at the ApHC World Show. For those Appaloosa Reiners that did not have access to Regional ApHC shows, due to logistics and geography, and therefore could not qualify for the ApHC World Show, this now affords them the opportunity to showcase their Reiners and pick up the necessary criteria for qualification.


All NRHA shows in North America are eligible for this program and all classes, with the exception of Green classes, Ride & Slide, and Youth classes, are eligible for qualifying. 


“We could not be more excited for this addition to qualifying for our members,” stated ApRHA President, Gillian Galligan. “The ApRHA has worked long and hard in conjunction with the ApHC BODs to launch this program, ensuring that all parties – ApHC, ApRHA, and ApHC Regional Clubs – will recognize the benefit of having options.”


Steve Taylor, ApHC CEO also believes, “This program will be good for our organizations. Specialization is changing the way shows operate and we need to make sure that we make the appropriate changes to continue moving forward towards growth and prosperity for our members and the Appaloosa breed.”


For all of the formal details for the 2017 ApHC qualifying program through NRHA shows, visit


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