The breed founders: Toby II (1939-1962)

TOBY II #F113, a 1939 stallion by Toby I, and out of Dappal, was his sire’s first ApHC-registered get and his first show ring champion.

Toby II stallone appaloosa copertina

Toby II was bred by Floyd Hickman of Almota, Washington, and allowed to grow up wild and free on the Snake River breaks.

In 1941, he was purchased by  George Hatley of  Moscow, Idaho, who, at that time, was a 17-year-old high school student, for 170$.

tobi I e toby II
This is a picture of George riding Toby II and Harold Tibbs on Toby I at the first ApHC National show in Lewiston, Idaho. They had just won the Pairs class.

The Hatleys didn’t own a horse trailer, but that didn’t present a problem. Like his sire, Toby II was trained to jump up in the back of a pick-up from level ground. We just hopped him up and headed for home.”
Toby II stallone appaloosa shown by george hatley

Toby was very well-reined, and had a fast walk. He was also very intelligent and was imbued exceptional cow-sense.
Toby II stallone appaloosa 3
George Hatley registered him with the Appaloosa Horse Club as Toby II F-113. The young horseman joined the club at the same time and was assigned ApHC membership no. 45.

He didn’t own a pickup or horse trailer of his own. So he used to just ride Toby around the country to mare owners who wanted to breed to him.

In 1946, George Hatley was appointed assistant secretary of the Appaloosa Horse Club.

In 1947, he became the ApHC executive secretary. He would hold the latter position for 31 years. As a result of becoming the head of the Appaloosa organization, Hatley made the conscious decision to not promote Toby II,

Hatley met and married Iola Golden, a California girl.Toby II stallone appaloosa george hatley

Toby II also teamed up with Harold Tibbs of Sandpoint, Idaho, and Toby I to win the matched pairs Western pleasure class.

With a total of only 47 ApHC registered foals, Toby II was known primarily as a sire  of males, and contributed top-siring foundation sons such as:

Although he was not used heavily as a sire, that’s not to say that Toby II was unappreciated or underused in other aspects. In addition to being a life-long ranch mount, the foundation stallion also saw duty as a rodeo pickup horse and as a backcountry trail and bear hunting mount.

Toby 11 passed away on September 26, 1962, as the result of a freak ranch accident.

Spotted Pride (Frank Holmes).




3 pensieri su “The breed founders: Toby II (1939-1962)

  1. Such a handsome fella! They just don’t make em like that anymore and it really bothers me. But what can one do when folks are so convinced that they can produce a quality appy by breeding OUTSIDE of the breed.

    "Mi piace"


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